What a professor could do in this situation is offer an

What a professor could do in this situation is offer an

Nobody deserves to pass

Well if it helps, it wasn all of them by far. There was enough to make her glad to become a stay at home mom though.I do recall one in particular, canadian goose jacket where they threatened Canada Goose Online “legal action” over email because she would not offer their son “extra credit” to get his grade above failing.Bitch go ahead. Get a lawyer and tell them canada goose black friday sale you want to sue the school because your kid is a loser and they didn canada goose uk shop make special accommodations for that. Extra credit? He has no credit. It wouldn even be extra. Canada Goose Coats On Sale It would be canada goose coats the first fucking thing he did all year.The kids that do well do so because they have parents who instill values and push them to succeed. The kids from garbage parents who see the school system as free babysitting fail and turn out the same way. We put zero responsibility on parents to do their part, and punish the teachers who try to help these kids with both their hands tied by a system that prevents any kind of discipline. Mixing the Canada Goose Parka top kids who want to succeed with the super low level kids who sleep on class or cause tons of disruptions). They slapped me with an Asperger diagnosis, but the accommodations didn help me at all because I don have Asperger My social skills are fine (though they did develop a little late) my struggle is with executive functioning. I wasn able to get myself out of bed in the morning, prepare canada goose clearance my own lunch, do my homework, or go to bed. I spent plenty of time playing video games of course, and doing creative writing, and reading. My parents tried really hard to help me and get help for me, but nothing ever seemed to work.I still floundering. I discovered a few things that help (Eating/Energy as a top priority and then proceeding down a list of things that need to be done) but I still extremely Canada Goose online inefficient with my time. At this point I starting to give uk canada goose up on my dreams and just focus on keeping my head above water financially. Not canada goose uk outlet the best situation, but when you fail a bunch of cheap Canada Goose high school and college courses, there not much else out there for you lol.All of my teachers said I was brilliant and capable, but canada goose my achievements have been few and far between. Our passion for success can wax and wane like everything else, so don’t canada goose store be so hard on yourself.You are very articulate and fluid, and come across as a good communicator. That’s a great foundation to build on with most careers. I do wish your LD canada goose factory sale was better identified, as that could really make the difference in learning coping skills for the future.My younger brother was diagnosed as having SLD in the 70’s slow learning disability. It was the 70’s and people didn’t really understand LD’s or the kids they impacted. My brother eventually was found to have auditory processing issues, and most adults in his life weren’t confident he would graduate cheap canada goose uk high school. He was even held back and had to repeat kindergarten, so he didn’t start off in a great place. Now, he’s 40 years old, has a career in IT at a large K 12 school, and married with 3 girls. While he never graduated from college, he got damn canada goose coats on sale close (finished 3 years).Just trying to say don’t give up. It 100% possible they had mental health or family issues. Definitely not enough info in the pic for all the assumptions going on in this thread.Edit: I didn say pass. What a professor could do in this situation is offer an “Incomplete”. This means that they have to retake the class in a certain amount of time (generally 1 2 semesters), but their transcript doesn get a failing grade on it in the meantime (which could hurt potential internships, jobs, scholarships, etc.).Professors do it for Canada Goose Outlet students having life problems (passing of a family member, mental health, physical health, etc.) during a semester. It still makes the student earn the grade, just at a later date. I missed an ASSLOAD of high school. Like sooo many days. I wasn’t a lazy student. I just did sports that put me into a gym for 5 hours every single day but Saturday. I was exhausted. And extremely depressed. And unfortunately my parents cared more about sports than school and didn’t make me go. Like starting in middle school. They’d be like, you need to rest for your next competition and other crazy things. I was smart enough to graduate high school with a 2.9 and missing literally 60 days out of 180. If I could take back anything it would be to have not skipped school even though my parents didn’t care. I care. I just didn’t know better and how important my education would be. My parents only graduated high school and middle school. I should have taken notes from friends parents. I went to college and it was tough. It’s taken me so long to graduate and I can’t help feeling that going canada goose uk black friday to high school would have better prepared me for college success and just life skills in general and it’s all my fault.In January I had the flu for 10 days and then walking pneumonia for most of the following month. I canada goose outlet fell https://www.pick-canadagoose.com behind in an online class and largely due to stress and fatigue I got really depressed to the point of also almost being fired from work.The professor had said in the syllabus to not contact him about extensions or making up assignments. So I didn had another class with him next quarter and at one point he tells me he was surprised I didn come to him when I was failing the previous class, and thought that it meant I just blowing it off and didn give a shit.

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