I think the upside could be possibly about Rs 1,950 2,000

I think the upside could be possibly about Rs 1,950 2,000

Experts bullish https://www.winterdownparkas.com on Nifty

canadian goose jacket It was a rangebound session on Dalal Street today. The Nifty canada goose outlet jackets ended the day flat, down 2.5 points at 5,683. The Sensex closed the day down 13 points at 18,670. canadian goose jacket

cheap canada goose uk The ‘muhurat’ trading session will be conducted for 75 minutes tomorrow (Diwali day), both on the NSE and BSE. cheap canada goose uk

Baliga expects the market to move canada goose outlet nyc up for the next four five months, atleast till the budget. “From that point of view, canada goose outlet in usa I would still remain in the frontline stocks like private sector banks. I still see a further movement there. Reliance would be a contra call. It has underperformed in the recent past. But I see that stock possibly moving up because of the gas pricing. That should happen sooner than later,” he adds.

canada goose clearance In the pharma space, Baliga is betting on Dr. Reddy’s, Dishman and Shasun. In the auto sector, he is bullish on Mahindra Mahindra. “If this support breaks then we will start considering taking short positions. But my bias remains official canada goose outlet on the long side. My assumption is that sooner or later market will find support and bounce and eventually cross 5,730,” he asserts. canada goose clearance

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Below is the edited transcript of Ambareesh Baliga’s interview on CNBC TV18.

Canada Goose Online Q: canada goose outlet store What are your Diwali canada goose outlet picks? Canada Goose Online

A: I recommend Goodricke, Jayshree Tea and Talwalkars for the next one year.

canada goose factory sale Q: What is your view on United Spirits? canada goose factory sale

A: It is a canada goose outlet parka very good deal for the shareholders. Rerating has happened. But I was expecting some selling from those people who had bought in the recent past. But long term buyers were overwhelming on the stock today. At these levels, I think the best news is already priced in. I think the upside could be possibly about Rs 1,950 2,000.

Q: As we head into the winter session of the parliament, do you fear that any kind of disruption or no movement on the key reforms, which have been spoken about, would trigger off a bit of a sell off in the canada goose jacket outlet market or do you think this rangebound movement continues?

canada goose coats on sale A: I think that’s already priced in. What we saw in the last session of the parliament, I think something similar you will see in this session. That is expected. So, I really don’t see a major sell off just because of the disruption in the parliament this time. canada goose outlet uk Yes, reforms not going through could be a sign of a worry, no doubt. But I don’t see a sell off. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose Jackets Q: There were multiple canada goose factory outlet amount of data cues that came out today from the macro side, especially that IIP figure. That showed a decline of 0.4% this time. What did you make of it? Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose uk black friday A: IIP, no doubt, was shocking. No canada goose outlet online one really expected a negative figure this time. But people look at the silver lining. Because of that, the market has not really cracked after the data. Because of this, we could have a cut going ahead in January. So, the market is just holding on because of that hope. canada goose uk black friday

uk canada goose outlet Q: Nasscom mentioned that they are going to possibly have the IT industry grow at the lower end of the guidance of around 11 14%. What would your view be with regards to that particular statement and your approach towards IT? uk canada goose outlet

A: I have been cautious on the IT space for quite a while, especially the last two three quarters. I continue with that view. Because of canada goose outlet new york city that, I still see most of the IT majors seeking lower levels canada goose outlet shop than where they are now. I see the results not really up to the mark for the next two quarters. So, even at these levels, I not really suggest buying IT, whether it’s Infosys or TCS or even HCL Tech, which has done well in the recent past. But I think canada goose outlet uk sale it may not canada goose outlet sale really outperform in canada goose outlet the next two or three quarters.

Q: If one had to take a little more longer term approach in this market and wanted to do some portfolio building, what kind of stocks would you pick up from the forntliners, either with respect to attractive valuations or with respect to better earnings performance going forward? Is there anything that looks lucrative right now or is this going to be one long grind where the index is just going to move within a range and we won’t get too much stock specific activity from the frontliners?

Canada Goose Coats On Sale A: I am looking at the market moving up for the next four five months, atleast till the budget. Beyond that, the visibility is not there because of the canada goose black friday sale political scenario that could actually emerge. People will start talking of elections. canada goose outlet toronto factory There is no clarity. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Canada Goose online From that point of view, I would still remain in the frontline stocks like private sector banks. I still see a further movement there. Reliance would be a contra call. It has underperformed in the recent past. But I see that stock possibly moving up because of the gas pricing. That should happen sooner than later. So, these are couple of stocks and sectors that I will be looking at. Canada Goose online

Q: Overall, from the broader market, companies that released canada goose outlet canada earnings in the past few days, any particular companies that stood out for you because a lot of them actually surprised on the downside? GVK Power and Infra came out with a loss, Suzlon, IVRCL, anything that stood out in your mind, in terms of a possible key disappointment or something which actually surprised you positively?

A: Disappointment was there clearly with the infra stocks and the capital goods space, except L It actually had a positive surprise. Among the other stocks, where I was positively surprised and would possibly look at buying is clearly Mahindra Mahindra in the auto space. I really liked the results. In Dr Reddy’s, there is still some more upside left from here.

cheap Canada Goose Q: How would you approach a stock like SBI now? It seems to have bounced back a little bit, but do you think canada goose outlet store uk the worst is over in terms of a weakness in the stock price? cheap Canada Goose

A: I doubt. I have been saying the NPA issue is going to bother them and the other PSU sector banks atleast for the next one or two quarters. So, SBI could come down to levels of closer to about Rs 2,060. At those levels, one could look at buying.

canada goose Q: What do you think would be the next definitive trigger for the market? Would it be the parliament session or would it be something on the global front or we will be moving in tandem what exactly is happening with the US as it canada goose outlet black friday runs up to the fiscal cliff? canada goose

canada goose coats A: Parliament, surely, will not be a trigger as such. I do not think it will be a negative trigger. Surely, it will not be canada goose outlet reviews a positive trigger for the market. But then the way I see it is because of the liquidity flows, which will again restart, we have been still seeing some liquidity flows, but I think that will increase going ahead. That itself should drive the market. Once we move beyond 5,800, we will have a lot of local participation. That itself will be enough to take it up. canada goose coats

uk canada goose Q: On the subject of pharmaceutical names, what are your thoughts? Which are the top picks that you would advice right now? uk canada goose

canada goose store A: Among the top stocks, Dr. Reddy’s is one of my picks now, especially after the results. Among the smaller ones, which I have been recommending for the last close to four six months, are Dishman and Shasun. Dishman has goose outlet canada again started moving. It has crossed that Rs 110 112 levels. I would reiterate my target of about Rs 140 145. Shasun has been quiet, but I think it is still time to pick it up at these levels, closer to Rs 143 144 canada goose store.

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