I rebooted my VM and NAS canada goose black friday sale and

I rebooted my VM and NAS canada goose black friday sale and

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canada goose outlet online The issue I had was: I was running Sonarr on a VM in Docker with the data being stored on my Qnap NAS connected via 10Gbs SFP and NFSv4. I rebooted my VM and NAS canada goose black friday sale and tried starting my Sonarr container but got issues with sqlite saying the database was locked and to try and restore from back up. I did that and the issue still happened, and even rebooted a uk canada goose outlet few more times. So it wasn a issue with VM or Docker, it was clearly the NFS holding a lock on the sqlite file. Even after deleting it and restoring the file. I tried everything I could to fix the issue but ended up moving the Sonarr canada goose uk black friday data back Canada Goose Online to the VM. The same sqlite file that was “locked” before now magically worked. canada goose outlet online

canada goose outlet shop Maybe I was doing something wrong or maybe it was a freak occurrence but I couldn figure it out. I a devops engineer and was completely stumped. canada goose outlet shop

canada goose buy canada goose jacket outlet in usa Nvidia is bleeding users because there is no alternative from AMD to their high end cards, very similar to what Intel did especially on HEDT before Ryzen Threadripper. canada goose outlet in usa

canada goose outlet reviews It will be sensible to wait for Navi IMO, even if it doesn quite match canada goose coats on sale the highest end Nvidia offering, it will have better PPW too due to 7nm process tech. canada goose outlet reviews

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I decided that spring break was the perfect time to go get my ID renewed before flying out to a convention in May, right after the damn upgrade was installed.

goose outlet canada It took over 90 minutes for my number canada goose store to be called, the longest wait I have ever had at the license office. After I realized the wait I was in for I called my wife who was shopping at the Target next door, we went to eat lunch, came back just over an hour later and it was still 15 minutes before my number was called. goose outlet canada

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For cabling sake, not that it a huge deal, you could spend $30 more and get a 1TB Crucial MX500 in a M.2 form factor and ditch the 2TB spinning rust. Even if not, you could get the 500GB M.2 variant just to have one less set of cables (I have a 1TB M.2 MX500 a 2TB spinner, myself).

canada goose outlet Beyond that, think about your future cheap Canada Goose monitor before you decide on your GPU a Vega 64 will trade blows with a GTX 1080 but FreeSync monitors are usually quite a bit cheaper than G Sync enabled ones. The hard sell here is availability for the Vega cards is still all over the place, so your choice may be made for you depending on the timeline of when you want your build completed and if you really prefer G Sync then there no reason to do any differently. canada goose outlet

canada goose jacket outlet All in all though, looks good. canada goose jacket outlet

canada goose outlet store uk RaidSlayerR7 1800X 32GB Trident Z 3200 C14 Fury X canada goose outlet store uk

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AMD thinks Canada Goose Parka of the future of technology, nVidia thinks of the future of marketing and trends. nVidia estimates that the current generation is the start of 1/5 households in urban cities will build a gaming PC. The latest G Sync 4k 144h Monitor costs $2000, paired with a $1300 2080Ti, will be the high end canada goose clearance dream of these PC builders. nVidia has the market share and mind share even if AMD beats them on the $200 300 price range, nVidia played the marketing game very well during the 7800 7900 HD series. AMD needs to beat the 2080ti soon or they will be left behind for the next 5 years, even if they beat the 2080ti in 2 years, mind share will have jumped too far for AMD to catch up.

canada goose outlet sale snuxollAMD Ryzen 5 1600 / NVidia 1080 Ti canada goose outlet sale

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canada goose outlet jackets 2.5X as fast for 2.3X the price uk canada goose isn Canada Goose Coats On Sale how hardware pricing YoY is supposed to work, though. But, alas, it canadian goose jacket seems buy canada goose jacket cheap to be https://www.canadagooseisverige.com how Nvidia is thinking about it since AMD dropped the ball with Vega (it not like they NEED to compete with the beast that is the 1080 Ti either, outside the $200 300 price range for midrange cards most of the enthusiast market shops in the $400 500 price range, hence the popularity of the 1070 but given the massive transistor count of the Vega 56 vs the 1070 they really messed up somewhere). canada goose outlet jackets

canada goose outlet online uk snuxollAMD Ryzen 5 1600 / NVidia 1080 Ti canada goose outlet online uk

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The 1900 XTX also had a 352mm2 die versus the 471mm2 die in a 1080 Ti and a 510mm2 die in the Vega 64. Die size directly influences the cost of a chip, it affects yields dramatically which is why we now have cards like the RX480 and GTX 1060 that are more than enough to handle 1080P at $300 or below.

canada goose outlet nyc Since the conception date on the blade says 2008 we can pretty safely assume this runs a Penryn based Xeon or a similarly old Opteron (Nehalem didn come out until November 2008, and it takes times for OEMs to launch blades in particular). This means at most 2×4 core CPU topping at 3.4GHz if Blizzard blew money on X5492 (which I doubt, I don even know if those 150W beasts were available in blades back in that day) and much less RAM than we canada goose clearance sale are accustomed to in modern servers adding insult to injury QPI wasn available before Nehalem and this is DDR2 we talking about, so memory speed was slow as balls by modern standards as well. canada goose outlet nyc

canada goose outlet canada Each Canada Goose sale realm in WoW supports something like 10,000 concurrent players that means the canada goose continent servers would handle something like 30 40% canada goose factory sale of them canada goose coats at any given time, paired with all the mobs that is a lot of work to be doing on a single blade especially at that time. Hell, many games are lucky to support 16 64 players with a couple cores and a couple GB of RAM these days so that an incredibly impressive feat canada goose outlet canada

EDIT: Looking now these are HP BL25p which are even worse than Penryn based Xeon so even more impressive. At most 2 cores per socket, so 4 cores overall and with 12GB of memory installed (out of 16GB max). That shit not even DDR2, but first generation DDR.

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