Exactly! I don know if I just worn down by all canada goose

Exactly! I don know if I just worn down by all canada goose

Kelly Marie Tran Rose has removed all her Instagram posts because of the harassment she’s been getting

The worst part is if they made a movie with what the fans scream for it would be fucking terrible. The amount canada goose outlet store of godawful ideas I see people throw out is evidence enough of that.Even promising starts get taken too far. This is the exact reason why Lucas made the EU, so fans could make their shitty fan fiction (and some great ones like the Thrawn Trilogy) and leave the “real” universe canada goose outlet uk sale alone. And boy did fans go nuts. Clone Palpatines, evil Clone Luke from his severed hand, wives for Luke, every new character has to be some sort of new even more powerful god that just gone, consuming entire planets canada goose outlet jackets for food and shit, it fucking terrible 90% of the time.Fans are by far the worst thing canada goose outlet black friday about Star Wars and now with everything becoming political for some terrible fucking reason (cough insecure people) it even worse. Love it goose outlet canada https://www.gooseyou.com or hate it, once the insults come out, be they directed at me, another fan, or someone who worked on/in the movies, then I done. Seeing what this woman has to canada goose outlet store uk go through, especially after the excitement she displayed after the film first premiered, well, it heartbreaking. There no call for that, no call at canada goose outlet new york city all.I still meet canada goose outlet shop and talk to plenty of great fans with a variety of opinions who know how to behave like civil adults. Ultimately, it just a ride. Someone doesn like where it going, they free to hop off.Exactly! I don know if I just worn down by all canada goose outlet the backlash I seen for TLJ, but there canada goose outlet parka a really present part of the fanbase that have their own opinions on what the current movies should be like, and if it not almost exactly what they want, then it sucks. This franchise breeds the most hyperbole out of any canada goose outlet nyc large fanbase for a movie or TV show that I ever seen, canada goose outlet online and it all in favour of a series that, while I love it, I personally feel is really not worth the amount of scrutiny people put into it. I, like many, grew up with star wars. I started with the original trilogy as a small kid on vhs in my stepdad living room floor. It was fantastic. When the prequels came out I was all over it. I still love them, although attack of the clones is my least favourite movie in all of star wars, they have a very special place in my heart. I still remember the absolute awe with episode 3 when canada goose black friday sale it hit theatres. That movie blew my child mind to the next dimension. Now the new trilogy and the spin off a are still amazing to me. The force awakens made me super super happy when canada goose outlet toronto factory it came out. I was in a bad place at the time and when I saw it in theatres canada goose outlet sale I teared up a bit because it took me back to being a kid on a leaving room floor watching a new hope for the first time. Honestly the star wars movies are some of the best films out there right now and ever. I try to ignore official canada goose outlet the vocal minority of people who just hate because they can. But it really sucks sometimes especially when it directed at the actors. They don decide what their characters do or the lines they say they just act.I don like to talk to people about star wars anymore because there are so many fans who are just mean and don want to have a conversation about what we love but instead throw insults at what they hate. I miss the old days.I on canada goose jacket outlet this ride till the end. I wanna see where they take the cinematic universe of star wars all the ups and downs. I didn leave after the prequels (which I loved still I mean they weren bad. Like others said poor scripts) and I canada goose factory outlet definitely won be leaving any time soon. I do hope they include more of the better EU things into the cinematic universe. Specifically some of the cooler creatures, sith, etc. if I not mistaken wasn there a cannon book written about thrawn around when rogue one came out?If you read the Making of Star Wars book, it gives you a really interesting perspective on Lucas because you can see the process he went through, every revision of every draft of the original film.And one thing stands out above all others the film that Lucas wanted to make, his vision of What Star Wars Is. is The Phantom Menace. Tonally, that what the early drafts of Star Wars read as, before Willard Huyck and Gloria Katz and Marcia Lucas added their input to the story.Consider this: as far as George Lucas is concerned, every single Star Wars film apart from TPM was a compromise of his original vision. Star Wars was beset by production problems “Production stopped, canada goose outlet it wasn finished.” Empire and Jedi were handed off to other directors. Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith were, in part, a reaction to the audience response to TPM he toned down some elements and bigged up others because of the critical reaction to TPM. So AOTC has Boba Fett and ROTS is all Dark and Gritty because that what the fans said they canada goose outlet canada wanted, and Jar Jar (“the key to all this”) is sidelined.TPM is the only Star Wars film where Lucas had complete canada goose outlet reviews control over every aspect of the production, and an effectively unlimited budget to realise his ambitions. TPM is what Lucas considers Star Wars to be, what he had in his head when he started writing it in 1975, the purest, uncompromised version of his vision for the series. And everyone hated it.The other thing to think about. Lucas always tried to do something different with each Star Wars film. TPM is canada goose outlet online uk a whizz bang 30s Republic serial; AOTC is a courtly romance; ROTS is a Jacobean tragedy. Then Disney takes the reins, throws out all Lucas ideas for the sequels, and makes The Force Awakens a film which, for all its good points, is essentially a Greatest Hits collection of Star Wars, Empire and Jedi. No wonder Lucas feels put out, like he sold his baby. The creator of Star Wars has been told by its new corporate overseers that no one likes his vision of Star Wars.At that point, we have no idea what the Terminator is really capable of. Sure he can survive shotgun blasts but they knock him down and he did run away earlier to make repairs. Surely a building full of armed cops would canada goose outlet uk stop him right? There going to have to be some shenanigans for him to get to Sarah.Although the 5.1 remix of the first terminator is a really good example of how much an audio mix can affect the tone of a movie. The music is the same but a lot of the sound effects are different, and of course the way they mixed is different, and without changing anything about the video, it completely changes the feel of the movie from straight up horror to being more of an action flick.

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