“It’s very easy to capture beautiful images here; not only is

“It’s very easy to capture beautiful images here; not only is

Instagram Photographers to Follow in All 50 States

Corey Arnold might reside in Portland, Ore., but he spends the canada goose outlet nyc majority of his time in Bristol Bay, Alaska, where he runs a wild sockeye salmon fishing operation in “an abandoned cannery complex called Graveyard Point,” he says. It so happens that Arnold is also a canada goose outlet shop professional photographer whose work has been published in magazines worldwide and in two now hard to find books. “My family has a storied history in the South, going back six generations in Arkansas,” official canada goose outlet she says. “I became fascinated with exploring these often overlooked communities experiencing varying states of decline.” Now, she’s taking this work canada goose outlet canada further, looking at the Center Point African Methodist Episcopal Church, a community epicenter in rural Arkansas that was built, in part, by her great grandfather canada goose outlet in 1944. Her aim is “to document rarely seen moments illustrating faith, canada goose outlet uk poverty, education canada goose jacket outlet and race within this rural African American community.”Landscape images used to dominate Tim Lampe’s Instagram feed but, in recent months, he’s taken a new approach based, in large part, canada goose outlet black friday on his experience as a designer. “[I’m] sharing images that build up this alternate reality that’s not so different from our existing one,” he says. “I found more satisfaction in creating images that resonated with people and made them feel something.” And the response was overwhelming, he explains. “There’s so much noise in social media that I want to be deliberate in what I share and offer it as an opportunity to put a positive attitude in someone’s day.”No one will disagree with Melanie Tjoeng when she says that Hawaii canada goose outlet toronto factory is a paradise for photographers. “It’s very easy to capture beautiful images here; not only is the landscape majestic, but also the people and culture are equally beautiful,” she says. And Instagram is the best place to showcase that beauty as well as her photography skills. “It gives not only an insight into my canada goose outlet sale life but a representation of my work; it incredible to be able to share those things with so many people.” Her feed is a mixture of daily life, travel and work photographs. “I approach Instagram like I approached painting and drawing growing canada goose outlet reviews up trial and error,” she says. A novice photographer she started taking pictures a year ago Benard uses photography as a “therapeutic creative outlet” beyond school activities. “It all about being open to canada goose outlet online uk new modes of creating. You can be afraid of messing up, because it going to happen. What important is how you deal with it; you can dwell. https://www.canadagoose-jackets-online.com You can only try again.””It easy to associate New Orleans with a couple of canada goose black friday sale buzzwords: Mardi Gras, Bourbon Street, Hurricane Katrina,” says Claire goose outlet canada Bangser. “But below the surface, the city is culturally rich, diverse, complex and wholly undefinable. It like nowhere else in America.” That’s why the young photographer decided to start NOLAbeings to present her city’s diverse population and history. “Every day I approach strangers on the street and ask to take their portrait. It canada goose outlet new york city a jumping off point to ask about their lives,” she says. “My hope for the project is that in some small way it inspires more people to talk to strangers, to listen deeply and to start meaningful dialogues within the community.”Abigail Johnson Ruscansky, a 21 year old photographer living in Maine, loves Instagram because of its community. “It helps me make friends from all over the world, meet in real life and shoot together, all while sharing creative ideas and inspiring canada goose outlet store uk one another,” she says. Her carefully composed photographs, which draw from her interest in fine art, showcase everyday moments. When Freddie Gray died in police custody, Allen took his camera and started covering the protests, uploading his best photos on his Instagram feed. One of them, shown here, made the cover of TIME magazine, propelling the young photographer to the national stage. Since then, his photographs have been exhibited in museums in Baltimore (and at Photoville in New York City in September) and are now part of the Smithsonian permanent collection. Since that day, she’s been using the app to create a community and to share blurry black and white images of her daily life with her husband. The images now form a body of work she calls Tea for Two. Why blurry? Because she wanted to move away from sharp focus, concentrating on people’s vibrational energy, she says. “With Instagram, I’m free to play, to color outside the lines, to explore new avenues and simply see what happens,” she adds. “As an artist I know that is where creativity flourishes.”Based in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area, Madelynn Furlong is an art director, fashion blogger and creative consultant. Furlong has collaborated with several American apparel brands and now canada goose outlet store works as the art director of Target in the Minneapolis area. Out of her intimate desire to create and share a “simpler, more thoughtful wardrobe, home and lifestyle,” in 2010 Furlong founded Wide Eyed Legless, a canada goose outlet uk sale fashion blog where she shares her minimalistic chic approach to style and beauty. Her photographs quickly caught public attention as she gained many followers and after one of her snapshots was featured on the cover of TIME magazine’s first annual Wireless Issue in 2012. Her Instagram feed depicts fairy tale like, dreamy landscapes where the line between photography and visual art smoothly intersects. Her goal, she says, is to show a “different side of Mississippi.”Melissa Spitz has spent the last six years documenting her mentally canada goose outlet parka ill mother. When she started sharing her photographs on Instagram, she canada goose outlet in usa was attracted to the app’s grid view, which, she says, is “like a window that gives viewers an opportunity to physically dissect images while simultaneously realizing that this was very metaphorical to understanding mental illness.” In essence, she adds, “my Instagram canada goose factory outlet canada goose outlet has become another cathartic facet of the story involving my mother.”Thomas Prior first got into photography at age 13 when he won a drawing contest and used the cash prize to buy himself a camera. A graduate from the School of Visual Arts in New canada goose outlet online York, Thomas has quickly differentiated himself from his peers with his simple yet raw aesthetic, especially when he’s photographing athletes. His Instagram feed is a sketchbook, he says. used to shoot with a small camera and post pictures to my blog. I treated the process like eyeball training and that approach bled over to using a phone instead and posting to Instagram. “Growing up I was never good at expressing myself artistically,” he says. “I couldn’t draw or paint to save my life, but as soon as I picked up a camera, I could express myself. My camera has taken me to places I could have never imagined.” Based in Bismarck, Gumeringer is now a freelance photojournalist after having interned at Fargo’s Spotlight Media, the publisher of four local magazines.

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