Direct it to your shared folder

Direct it to your shared folder

Recovering Data via Download Mode

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Please give a read through our No Stupid Questions thread to see if you can find an answer before you make a new post! You more than likely find someone who had the same question or problem!

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canada goose outlet Once you running the VM, you may need to play with the USB settings to get it to see your phone over the USB connection. buy canada goose jacket cheap Under “devices” and then “USB” canada goose clearance sale in the menus at the top of the VM window, try putting a check mark next to the phone in the list of USB devices if the VM can see it (if SALT isn finding the phone, this USB issue is probably why). The checkboxes in that menu don always behave as expected. If you put a check next to your USB mouse, for instance, it may filter the mouse USB input out, and your mouse will stop working (this is what happened to me. Don trust the check marks!). canada goose outlet

official canada goose outlet II. Once I had the VM running, I fired up SALT by selecting it from the “LG” folder on the desktop in FWUL. SALT is a marvelous tool designed specifically to canada goose uk outlet talk to LG phones in download mode. (Not fastboot mode, not recovery mode, download mode.) official canada Canada Goose Parka goose outlet

canada goose outlet jackets Put your phone in download mode, connect it to the computer, and wait. SALT can take a while to recognize the phone, but if the phone is in download mode when SALT starts and your USB ports are passing through to your canada goose uk shop VM correctly, then SALT should find the phone in a minute or two (literally up to 2 minutes). canada goose outlet jackets

canada goose outlet uk III. Use VirtualBox settings (under “Shared Folders”) to define a shared folder between your copy of FWUL and your host (Windows) operating system. This is eventually where you going to send the contents of your phone (becuase there may not be enough space in FWUL, even if you got the 30GB version). canada goose outlet Canada Goose online uk

canada goose outlet in usa IV. Once SALT is connected, click the “Backup” button in the middle bottom part of the window and select “full” backup. Direct it to your shared folder, and make sure you have plenty of space. This backup will take a LONG time. Set your computer not to sleep, and come back tomorrow morning. canada goose outlet in usa

goose outlet canada V. Once the backup is complete, you can direct SALT to restart your Canada Goose Online phone to get it out of download mode and then shut down FWUL. Before you do that, navigate canada goose factory sale to the shared folder through Windows (outside of the VM) and make sure that there are files there. For safety and peace of mind, make a complete copy of this backup, and only work on the copy. goose outlet canada

canada goose outlet new york city VI. Download OSF Mount and install it on your computer. canada goose outlet new york city

canada goose outlet store uk VII. Download Linux Reader from SysInternals and install it on your computer. (If Linux Reader doesn work for you, Ext2Fsd might.) canada goose outlet store uk

canada goose black friday sale VIII. It should mount and appear as a disk drive in Windows. canada goose black friday sale

IX. With Linux Reader running, you should be able to browse the mounted partition Linux file system through your standard windows explorer window.

Make sure to use the search function to find what you looking for. I looked for folders manually and didn find them, but search found them in locations where they were not displayed for some reason.

X. Copy your files out of the mounted partition and into whichever folder that you want to keep them in within Windows. (and back them up!)

canada goose outlet sale Congratulate yourself. You have done what many people on the Internet have said is impossible. And, if you me, it only took 8 hours, a lot of help from a friend, and a dead end expedition into debugging LGLAF Python script to figure out what would work! canada goose outlet sale

canada goose outlet store A note about LGLAF: The version available in FWUL has some errors that don play well with FWUL updated version of Python. If it the same error that I got, it a problem with tabs being used where there should be spaces. Because newer versions of Python depend on spaces being used (and because Python cares about how far things are “tabbed” in), you should look at the beginning of the line that gave you the error. Chances are, it begins with a tab (or two) that you should replace with four spaces (or eight spaces, if there are two tabs). In my version of LGLAF, there were four or five lines that canada goose coats needed to be fixed like that, but that was all it took to get it working canada goose outlet store.

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