She is anxious for the warm weather so she can go again

She is anxious for the warm weather so she can go again

A: Just to add here, I am not saying that numbers are not good, but I won be saying that the numbers justifies a rise of may be about 10 percent because we all know that the King Kesh has been acquired that is going to be showing the top line growth as well as in the earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) or the operating profit margin growth also, but they have a write off also on account of that and I am unable to understand that sometimes markets takes an extreme view. In fact, may be if I just corroborates this with the Inox Wind also I agree that the debtor cycle has really deteriorated but if you see the execution capability, if you see the doubling of the capacity by the company of 1,600 megawatt (MW) and if I just give them a benefit of doubt that the major orders have been executed in the fourth quarter may be at an average rate of Rs 5.6 crore per MW. I think those things seem feasible in fact the case in point we have seen 3 4 days back was in respect to TVS Motor and see today the stock has moved back to a level of Rs 300 and on that day, I said that Rs 285 looks a good buy so may be sometime you have overreaction seen coming in, may be again the V Guard could be an exception, could also be in that category that it is running too much ahead of that because you have the similar player available in this space.

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