0 has its flaws, but atleast they don roll of the lot with

0 has its flaws, but atleast they don roll of the lot with

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I no 6.0 God, but I Canada Goose sale love mine. Funny enough I grew up being a Chevy guy, but I bought my Ford objectively. Been in love ever since.While there are canada goose uk outlet issues with the original design, the 6.0 has an enormous community of enthusiasts and manufacturers that have created work around Canada Goose Coats On Sale and a solid knowledge base; enough so that you would never be left hanging. With the exception of a couple key issues, I think a lot of the bad rep comes from hot tunes and driving a commercial vehicle like a race car and getting made that it explodes eventually. What do you expect? Treat it right, be preventative, and it will love canadian goose jacket you back.TL;DR: My opinion and the enthusiast community is a huge helpbetter sound is 100% false, 6.0s have probably the best sound there is.more power is false, as it depends completely on what mods have been done canada goose black friday sale and both platforms have high potentials for powerbetter mpg, you may Canada Goose Parka be right idk about this oneand overall the 6.4 is by far the shittiest engine ford, or any canada goose uk black friday other diesel company made. Yeah the 6.0 has its flaws, but atleast they don roll of the canada goose outlet lot with engine knock and flames coming out of the tailpipe like a 6.4. I don usually make jabs at other peoples trucks unless its in good nature but you asked for this oneIf you still think the 6.4 is that great, look up diesel competitions and let me know how many 6.4 you see competing.There have been numerous articles stating that the 6.4 was the first ford buy canada goose jacket cheap diesel to daily drive over 700hp(cummins and dmax were already there)When the 6.4 came out the cummins forums went crazy trying to figure out how they could dump canada goose factory sale 8k into there motor and i could delete,tune,exhaust Canada Goose Outlet and pull harder and faster than them.What cheap Canada Goose do you got for me?Also i have 210k on Canada Goose online mine,its ran 35s its canada goose coats on sale whole life has been on the HOT sct tune since 2016. I disagree that the 6.0 is worse than the 6.4 for stock reliability. The emissions (particularly the dpf regen process which causes massive https://www.getcanadagooseoutlet.com fuel dilution and increased wear on the rear cylinders) just kill the 6.4 in really bad ways. Yes, the 6.4 makes more power. All because the compound turbo setup (which is also vgt btw) and common rail fuel system are superior to the 6.0 system. Emissions issues coupled with major valvetrain issues and the occasional injector sticking open on the 6.4 effectively blow torching a piston, I cannot concede that the 6.4 has better stock reliability and therefore cannot agree that the 6.0 is the worst engine Ford put in their trucks. I think the buy canada goose jacket 6.4 costs more in the long run, but that just speculation. I think it can actually be argued that some of Ford gas motors (cough, cough, 5.4 3v, cough cough) might be the worst of all, though they are much cheaper to fix. First of all the engine cycle of a 6.4 is 150k miles. Past that you’re gambling with internals and that’s an entire motor replacement most of the time. Second, as fast as the 6.4 is (I’ve had 3) you need to spend about $10k to get it above that initial 600 700whp. Third, you can race your buddy with $15k in his cummins canada goose and Canada Goose Jackets you’ll most likely walk away from it. Problem is you’ll open the hood and see coolant has sprayed canada goose clearance everywhere and boom head gasket is gone. Ask me how I know. Once you get your truck back after blowing it up, bam it’s all bullet proof. Nope, those lower internals are what’s about to go next. That is the biggest problem. uk canada goose outlet 600 700whp and the 6.4 is the champ. The second you want to make 900whp you’re spending all the money you saved while getting to 600whp. If you want 1000whp forget buying a ford all together. I had one in an 83 Jimmy with a bunch of mods and it ran great with decent power for a small SUV (I was plucking trucks out of deep snow all winter). You can do some stuff to make them more bulletproof, but still not a HD diesel by any means, but I seen people throwing a lot of power at turbo swapped versions in a Grumman dump truck and they canada goose clearance sale survived.They get a bad rep because of the olds diesels, which they share an injection pump with, but it the same injection pump on the old 6.9/7.3L Fords, except the Fords spin in the opposite direction. It a real detroit diesel, just a lightly built one that wasn intended to be abused for years like farm equipment.

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